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World Cup 2026 Excel Schedule

World Cup 2026 Excel Schedule Spreadsheet

We are back with the “Excel World Cup 2026 sweepstake”, which we are launching again after the 1st edition in 2018. This is the 3rd file that we have released this year after having released the 2022 Africa Cup Excel at the national team level for the first time and the 2022 Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana Excel (in spanish) at clubs competition, released for the first time two years ago. Before the World Cup starts we also plan to release the Excel of the Champions League and the Excel of the Spanish league and the Premier League Excel Schedule, as in previous years.

When the national team soccer tournaments arrive, sweepstakes are usually set up at work, in bars, with a group of friends, etc. The purpose of this excel is to help you in your group with the sweepstake for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. You can also use it as an excel World Cup simulator or predictor of the World cup and see what would happen with different results. This is the 1st World cup hold in winter and we are already counting the days for the tournament starts.

The draw for the World Cup had took place on March 31, 2022, but the last four teams haven’t been known until June 2022.

Excel World Cup 2026

Since 2016 when we published the first file until this year we have improved the use of the excel. For example 4 years ago in case of a draw in a group you had to change a result if you didn’t like the order of the group. Now in case of a draw you can select the order in a group. Another new feature is that you can select the times according to the country you have chosen or you can select your UTC zone, also we’ve added the flags of the countries participating in the group stage.

World Cup 2026 Sweepstake Spreadsheet

Also we have addes new sections in the World Cup Sweepstake Spreadsheet, like de Fixture sheet to see in a view the whole tournament. In the administrator file we will add some new scoring rules to make it more interesting.

Once again I would like to thank SandruskDesign for their advice on the design, I don’t know how the design would have looked without her help. I thank her again for her availability and collaboration.

Predictor Excel World Cup

Using the file is so simple: in the group stage you only have to fill in the grey cells with the results you think will be given in all the groups. In case of a draw between two or more teams in the group, the order of those teams can be selected.

From the eighths onwards the crosses are automatically placed and the grey boxes must be filled in. In case of a draw, two extra grey boxes will be opened at the sides, to undo the draw. At the end you have to write down who you think will be the 3 best players and the 3 top scorers. We provide you a video about how it works (in spanish) and the instructions to organize a pool with your group.

The file can serve as a world cup fixture, pool, simulator (you can make calculations with the results to see who would rank according to the results).

Download Excel file World Cup Pool 2026

Soon (in 2025-2026)

Comments on the Excel World Cup Pool 2026

In addition, for those of you who want to manage the World Cup 2026 Excel pool, you can also use the pool manager file along with the instructions.

Download the ADMINISTRATOR file

Soon (in 2025-2026)

Comments to the administrator’s file:

THERE IS NO A BETTER WAY to set the scores, because each one has its pros and cons, so I encourage you to comment on how you are going to put them in your group with a screenshot so that people can see it, and also if you want to comment.

As always, any correction, suggestion, comment you want to make is welcome. You can comment anything related to the World Cup, the rules you use in your group, where you are from, how many people you are, how you make the bets, suggest scores, etc. Thank you very much in advance.


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